Monday, September 22, 2008

Another omission.

I forgot to say that I wore my wig for the first time. I still have a little hair but it is pretty pathetic looking. I ordered a wig from a catalog that services women with cancer. It has wigs and bras and other things that well people wouldn't think about.

I think I chose a good one . It is very pretty and I love the cut and color. I wish my hair looked like this.

It comes in sizes so I was able to get the large one I needed. I did not realize it was on my head most of the time.

Now I will have a good hair day every day.

One woman there has a bald head that she wears nothing on. I admire her but I can't do that. I can't tell if other women are wearing wigs. some women wear turbans but I am not a turban or scarf person.

I am very pleased with my choice to wear a wig and with the wig I chose. Also I am not bothered by losing my hair. It is truly just another small sacrifice on my journey to get well and live longer.

I forgot to say that Dr. Wright is an Ole Miss man. The nurses in infusion therapy told me that. Today I wore a maroon sweater and I told him that I was Mississippi State class of 1964. He told me he would do his best by me anyway!!!!

Today I went in to see Dr. Wright. When I do these things my sister Julia always goes with me. I drive to her house and then she drives my car to where ever we are going. She loves to drive my car, maybe because it is smaller than her two vehicles.

First they drew blood and then Julia and I went into the consulting rooms. Do they call them consulting rooms here? I only know that is what they are called in all English romance novels.

Dr Wright went over all the side effects I have. None are of any consequence except the liver problem. Of course, since George Rodney died of liver problems, it is frightening for my family. I asked about the the severity of the problem. He said some readings are three times normal.. We always must put this in prospective. He said he has patients with readings 10 times normal. Mine are not good but not dangerous.

We talked about pain killers, which are okay for the liver and which are not. It seems the prescription narcotics are not harmful but Tylenol is. I have been taking Tylenol, not a lot, when my pain is just low level. I will stop that.

My current narcotic is mixed with acetaminophen, the ingredient in Tylenol. He gave me a prescription for the narcotic without acetaminophen, but said it would be hard to fill. I took it to Fred's here in Henderson and they could not fill it. Not only did they not have it but it was not on the list of medicines they could order. She suggested I try WalMart or Walgreen's. I will do that tomorrow.

He says the right node is still hard. My interpretation is that Dr. Netterville is right and the cancer is the slow growing kind that is not very susceptible to chemo.The Jackson team thought it was the fast growing kind. I think I would have been lost if I had chosen the Jackson treatment without surgery.

Thank God for Dr. Netterville and for Anne and Ken who pushed me to see him.

I am also anemic. No surprise there, this has been a continuing problem all my life. I got it from Mother. They will now give me a shot of Procrit at each chemo session.

Afterwards I went to the Infusion Lab for a treatment. At first I tried to listen to a book on tape that my friend Nancy Miller had sent me but I grew sleepy and soon just dosed off.

Julia had to watch The Price is Right which was showing on the tvs. She hates the Price is Right.
I hate the Price is Right also, but it does remind me of Mother. She loved this show and I watched it a hundred times with her. When I watch it today I try to see it through her eyes.

The Procrit shot is given through a very thin needle so it was easy. I deserve that since I was stuck three other times today, once in the lab and twice trying to find a line in my hand. My had rarely works.

Afterward Julia and I went to the Books a Million. They did not have the Kids'Chat book I wanted so we didn't buy anything. Then we went to eat at Cracker Barrel.

It was a long day for me. I had to stop at WalMart to buy Ensure and by the time I left, it was 4 o'clock.

Tonight I went up to sister Janice's and ate with she and Keith. We had Keith's favorite foods of pork chops, pinto beand, and homemade French fries. Yum.

Afterward we worked on my phone and tried to recover a picture that John had sent me on Saturday night. Keith found some pictures I had accidentally taken but no pictures from John or anyone else. Is it possible that my phone can make and send pictures but not receive them\?

I talked to John and the picture was of a Mississippi State University that has sat in Lexington for several days. It is now gone. I cannot imagine why the bus was there. There is no college in Lexington that they could be playing. The bus is usually used for ferrying athletic teams to sporting venues.

I want everyone to know that I am feeling pretty good and pretty happy. I love all of you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My hair continues to fall out but not as much. I'm wondering if this process is like the half life of decaying atomic particles. More keeps falling out but it is less and less falling out which means I have less and less hair but always have some. Got that?

Evidently at Nolensville Elementary this year they are emphasizing character. Adam was thrilled to receive the Cardinal character award this week. The school symbol is a Cardinal. This month's concentration is on integrity. George wrote and narrated a skit about integrity. It concerns a boy who is tempted to cheat on a test he has not studied for.

Anne said it was very good and was impressed. I asked where he got that talent and she said she didn't know. I do. She wrote and narrated a fabulous history of Nolensville at last years's big school program on patriotism.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I was talking to my friend Nancy tonight, telling her about the changes to my voice. I did have a very husky voice when the cancer was pressing on my voicebox. Now I have a more normal voice. I said to Nancy "But everyone says that voice was sexy." She said "And that is important right now, too."

With the absurdity of that. we both started laughing hysterically. I don't know if it is really funny or just graveyard humor. But it was funny to us at the time.

I want to tell every one honestly that I am a happy person. It is very difficult at times but six out of seven days are okay and I am a very happy person. Everyone is so good to me, so caring, how could I not be.

I do not deserve all this.

Anne and Ken and children came this weekend. That is always a treat to me. My grandchildren's love for me is so open and so sincere. What a joy they are.

Ken and Anne did a lot of work. The main thing Anne did was mop my kitchen floor for the first time in forever. I just don't have the strength for that even though I can do most household chores.

My sibling call and bring me food. Before I was really a prepared food girl, now I find that it is homemade comfort food that I can eat.

This week I have a week off from chemo. I don't know if it will make any difference in my energy.

Next Monday I see Dr. Wright, the chemo doctor, and then have a treatment. I have learned that Dr. Wright is an Ole Miss man. I shall wear my maroon hat on what will be my bald head and tell him it has a purpose.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The gibberish at the end of the last post illustrates the problems I am having with my computer.

I am still feeling better, not strong, but okay.

The doctor's office called today to tell me that my liver tests had changed and I am to stop taking the Zocor, the cholesterol medicine.

But the big news is that my hair is falling out.

Actually I am okay with that.

I read the other day something about enjoying the process. That when you go on a trip, you should enjoy all the experiences. Your vacacion begins when you leave home, not when you arrive at your destination. You should enjoy the ride to the airport and the plane ride.

So I'm trying to embrace all aspects of cancer treatment. It is another world. I should experience it fully.

Last night I would brush my hair every thirty minutes and come out with a full brush of hair. Today it has slowed down.

I got .

If I don't out a maroom hat that I like. I will wear that when necessary. I am not a turban or scarf type personpost on this blog, it doesn't mean I feel ill or anything. More a case of problems with my computer.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I am feeling better. Still tired and a little sicky, but this is the best it has been for a month Last night I watched two movies and enjoyed it.

But then I went to chemo today so that will probably be over soon. I am grateful to God for this respite and for the knowledge that it is possible for me to feel okay.

Julia and I stopped by and bought a few groceries. When I got home, I put the groceries up. Usually I am overwhelmingly tired after going out. Putting up groceries is too much. Yeah, what a great day.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yesterday Saturday was a very bad day. I felt so, so bad all day long.

However I feel better today so that is a lesson to me. That I should not get discouraged, that things will get better.

Julia and Janice went shopping for me. I am beginning to need some help with ordinary things.

The Sparrows called last night. Jay and Adrienne called me today. Short phone calls do help.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I had my chemo treatment today. I slept most of the time. Tonight I feel fine. We'll see about tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

No news today. I went to chemo but their blood analysis machine was not working. They were having to send the samples to the hospital and were not getting back timely results. They must have the results before beginning treatment.

I waited an hour but chose to leave and try again tomorrow.

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