Friday, September 19, 2008

My hair continues to fall out but not as much. I'm wondering if this process is like the half life of decaying atomic particles. More keeps falling out but it is less and less falling out which means I have less and less hair but always have some. Got that?

Evidently at Nolensville Elementary this year they are emphasizing character. Adam was thrilled to receive the Cardinal character award this week. The school symbol is a Cardinal. This month's concentration is on integrity. George wrote and narrated a skit about integrity. It concerns a boy who is tempted to cheat on a test he has not studied for.

Anne said it was very good and was impressed. I asked where he got that talent and she said she didn't know. I do. She wrote and narrated a fabulous history of Nolensville at last years's big school program on patriotism.

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