Monday, September 22, 2008

Another omission.

I forgot to say that I wore my wig for the first time. I still have a little hair but it is pretty pathetic looking. I ordered a wig from a catalog that services women with cancer. It has wigs and bras and other things that well people wouldn't think about.

I think I chose a good one . It is very pretty and I love the cut and color. I wish my hair looked like this.

It comes in sizes so I was able to get the large one I needed. I did not realize it was on my head most of the time.

Now I will have a good hair day every day.

One woman there has a bald head that she wears nothing on. I admire her but I can't do that. I can't tell if other women are wearing wigs. some women wear turbans but I am not a turban or scarf person.

I am very pleased with my choice to wear a wig and with the wig I chose. Also I am not bothered by losing my hair. It is truly just another small sacrifice on my journey to get well and live longer.

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