Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yesterday brother James went with me down to Starkville for the game against West Virginia.

That is always a treat for me. I had interesting conversation all the way down. I love hypothetical questions. James had one for me: Suppose you are a very successful football coach in Division II and were offered the position of head coach at Duke, would you take it?

I said yes, who knows? Maybe lightening will strike at Duke. Besides from what I know about football coaches, they all think they can turn a program around.

Coach Croom insists every week that we are getting better. I don't know.

We did not do badly against undefeated West Virginia. They scored two touchdowns in the last three minutes to make it respectable for them.

We were, by then, playing our fourth string quarterback, Ty Evans, freshman, from Lexington, TN. James had not been impressed with him in high school.

Our starting quarterback, Omar Connor, got hurt. Our original starting quarterback, Michael, Henig, came in for a while. He is recovering from an injury himself. He did not play long and they brought in the third string, Trey somebody, who also got hurt. Hence, Ty got his chance. He did not do badly.

James was disappointed that there was no video review of a play. He has not been to a college game since they started that. This is the first game I have been to where they did NOT have a review.

We talked all the way down but were generally quiet on the way home. Sitting in the sun all afternoon does that to you.

We got the Tennessee-Georgia pregame radio show close to Corinth and listened to that. I got him home just as Georgia scored a touchdown. It looked bad for a while but Tennessee came back to win.

It is two weeks before I go to Georgia. I look forward to it and to seeing Jay. I have not been to many other SEC stadiums, just Ole Miss, LSU, Alabama, and Vanderbilt.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yesterday, October 3, was Anne's birthday. They were busy but I wanted to be with her on her birthday so I went up just for the night.

When I got there, I talked to the kids about whose day it was. This conversation shows how you can get into trouble because sometimes other people have entirely different ideas on what the conversation is about.

I asked the kids whose day it was. They thought it was George's. I said no, it was a special day for someone. They guessed Adam.

I said no, it is Mommy's day because it is her birthday.

So Adam asked "Then does she get to sleep with you?"

I was thinking rather generally and they were thinking specifically.

When I am up there, one of them sleeps in the bed with me and the other two sleep on the floor by my bed. They were trying to guess whose day it was to sleep with me.

Later on, Adam did sleep with me, not Anne.

When Ken got home, we went to this sports place where Adam was getting baseball instruction. His coach was a huge black man who used to play minor league ball. He talked softly and was very patient with Adam.

Then we went to eat at Chili's.

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