Friday, September 12, 2008

I am still feeling better, not strong, but okay.

The doctor's office called today to tell me that my liver tests had changed and I am to stop taking the Zocor, the cholesterol medicine.

But the big news is that my hair is falling out.

Actually I am okay with that.

I read the other day something about enjoying the process. That when you go on a trip, you should enjoy all the experiences. Your vacacion begins when you leave home, not when you arrive at your destination. You should enjoy the ride to the airport and the plane ride.

So I'm trying to embrace all aspects of cancer treatment. It is another world. I should experience it fully.

Last night I would brush my hair every thirty minutes and come out with a full brush of hair. Today it has slowed down.

I got .

If I don't out a maroom hat that I like. I will wear that when necessary. I am not a turban or scarf type personpost on this blog, it doesn't mean I feel ill or anything. More a case of problems with my computer.

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