Thursday, April 09, 2009

I was thinking today about the best gifts I have ever gotten. Number one would have to be anything my grandchildren have given me, from a handful of leaves to a plastic sequined party hat.

I love getting gifts. I have told my children that they MUST give me gifts on Mother's Day, my birthday, and Christmas.

However, if they can't think of anything great to give me, I will appreciate just as much a gift from the dollar store. I just like opening up a gift.

The best gifts they have ever given me were very personal.

Several years ago Beth gave me a homemade card. On it was a picture of the two of us taken at Jennie Sparrow's wedding. (We looked good.) Pasted to it were pictures cut out of magazines showing things I love. Joan Rivers. Luggage. Jewelry. A baseball and glove. Knitting yarn. Etc.

I love it.

A couple of years ago Anne gave me a story she had written. The story was based on a true one that happened at her school when I first saw their wonderful new school library.

I love that, too.

I also love when they give me big, costly gifts, because they choose carefully. Some people are just good gift givers. My brother James is the only man I know who is a good gift giver but a lot of women are.

George Rodney was particularly bad. He once gave me diamond stud earrings two Christmases in a row. Unfortunately the second pair was bigger than the first but of course I had to take that pair back.

My brothers and sisters generally do not give each other gifts for our birthdays but last year my sister-in-law gave a birthday party for me and everyone gave me a gift. I was undergoing my cancer treatment then and they just wanted to do something for me.

My gifts were great. I got hats for my bald head. Books to read. A throw to keep warm. Lots of good gifts. I loved them and I especially loved the gifts because of my wonderful family who gave them to me. And a lot of the gifts were maroon.

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