Monday, February 02, 2009

There have been some notable deaths in my family since I got sick.

The day I entered the hospital Julia's sister-in-law Ann died. Ann had a heart transplant about ten years ago. She had a stroke earlier in the year from which she never really recovered. Ann was loved by all.

During that same hospitalization, we learned that George Rodney's brother Jerrell had died. I probably only saw him about five times myself. He was sort of the black sheep of the family but I remember him fondly because the the kindnesses he did for George Rodney when Jerrell was in high school and George Rodney was just starting school.

Then in December George Rodney's sister Dorothy died. This was a shock. She has always seemed so strong. But evidently her heart was not as strong as I thought.

Earlier in the year his sister Bebie died.

His four sisters have always been so good to me. I love them so much and so do my girls.

I do have one bit of good news. My brother James's full name is James Anderson Webb. He was named after my mother's brother George Anderson Seaton and my father's brother Robert Anderson Webb.

His step daughter had a baby boy last month who is named Garrett Anderson Denbow. Isn't that terrific!

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