Saturday, February 07, 2009

I am posting an essay George wrote. I find it amusing that our little engineer thought ahead to put patches in his backpack in case the raft sprang a leak. I think he suddenly thought about adjectives at the end.

I have considered whether to correct the spelling or print it as written. Nolensville Elementary teaches using some reading method that encourages analyzing literature and then writing using that method. Things like spelling correctly in these essays are not penalized.

If I Was on an Island

by George Rucker

If I got shipwrecked on an island with just my magical backpack I would want a big empty milk jug, and an inflatable life b oat for just one person. Some other stuff I would want is some sticky patches for the lifeboat if it pops, a month's supply of food and some oars.

The way I would survive is I would want it to rain so I can fill up my big milk jug. Then I would try to blow up the small inflatable life boat. After that I would probably start to build camp. The way I would do that is I would find a tree that was big. Then I would start putting sticks around it and fill up all the holes with bark so no water gets in.

The next day the dark, gloomy sky would turn to a beautiful, happy, and sunny day. My big jug would have gotten filled. I would put the cap on the jug.

Then I would go and pack up all the food and take the jug and put it with the food in the inflatable life boat. Then I would get my oars and my backpack. After that I would go out to the blue clear sea and about an hour or two, I would see a small white fishing boat and that is how I would survive on an island.

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