Friday, February 27, 2009

Another week another two medical appointments. A week without going to a doctor is to be treasured.

Monday I went to the imaging center for a swallowing test. I cannot eat anything; I am dependent on my feeding tube for nourishment. This test was to see why I can't eat.

First I was backed up, standing, against this board, with the imaging machine in front of me. I was given a pill, about half inch in diameter, and a glass of water. I was supposed to swallow the pill with water. Despite my Herculean effort, I could not do it.

Then the board and machine were tilted until I was lying on the board with the imaging machine above me. An assistant held a glass of thick milky liquid; I was supposed to drink that through a straw. I did get a little down.

Then I lay on my stomach and drank a swallow of the liquid.

The purpose of these tests is to determine why I cannot eat. Two possibly reasons, because of lax muscles I can't swallow correctly or my esophagus has narrowed and is too small for food to go down.

I believe that Tuesday he will tell me that it is the later and I will have to have my esophagus stretched. I don't know what this will entail.

Thursday Julia and I went to Nashville to see Dr. Netterville at Vanderbilt. This time I watched as they put a camera up my nose and down my throat. My throat looked nicely pink and even. An improvement even I could see.

On the down side, there was foamy saliva everywhere. My saliva is thick, foamy, and sticky. This is supposed to improve with time.

The junior doctor blew much more numbing medicine up my nose than usual. Since then I have been suffering from cold symptoms on that side of my head.

In the end, Dr. Netterville said to come back in June.

Then Julia and I left to go spend the night at Anne's.

For supper, Anne and Ken went to a new barbecue place in Nolensville for barbecue and the fixings. The place is run by a man who formerly went to Freed-Hardeman in Henderson and worked for Jacks Creek barbecue, one of the best places in Chester County.

George entertained us with stories of his teacher and his substitute teacher. His teacher dropped a desk on her toe and crushed it. He was sent for the nurse but he took a while because people kept asking him what was happening. His teacher was lying on the floor bleeding.

She had surgery that afternoon. The man substituting told some stories about "bodily secretions" that Julia and I were not allowed to hear. I was glad. People usually know if I would not enjoy something.

Anne's new sun room is big and lovely. They finally got the electrical inspection over and the floor will be put down this weekend. Then they can move into it the nice new furniture in their garage.

I believe that Tuesday I will be told that my throat is narrowed because Dr. Netterville and Dr. Studtmann both have been in touch with me to recommend GI doctors to do the procedure.

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