Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday was my birthday. I was 65.

The day started with a delivery of balloons from the florest. Beth had ordered maroom and white balloons but the ones sent were blue and orange. Looked like Florida to me. However, I have enjoyed them anyway. Beth also sent me a card she had made with a choice of activities for me to do the next time I go to Florida. I could choose a boat trip, a helicopter ride above St. Augustine, or parasailing. If I am feeling good when I go, I think I will chose the parasailing.

The Ruckers stayed late in Nashville because it was fall festival at the elementary sc hool. This is the last year the triplets will be at Nolensville school. Next year they move up to the middle school which isn't very far away but seems like it.

They got here about 4 o'clock. My gift was a Christian purse. It WAS maroon. It was embroidered with Faith in ACtion and James 2:22.

Mybrother John and sister-in-law Charlotte gave me a party. All five of my brothers and sisters were there, including sister June from Arkansas. Also lots of nieces and nephews.

Supper was wonderful. We had barbecue, baked beans, green bean casserole, green stuff, corn on the cob, three cakes and a pie, all delicious.

I am easy to buy for in one way so people know that anything maroon is good for me. I got maroon hat, scarf, neck pillow, and throw. Also three books, a white hat.

It was a great birthday.

I am now on Medicare and my billfold is heavier.

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