Monday, October 27, 2008

I cannot believe this but I have changed my password and gotten into this account. Wow.

I am now engaged in a seven weeks regimen of chemo and radiation. I go to radiation five times a week and to chemo once a week. I started last week.

The radiation treatment is given at the hospital. It is very brief, taking only about 20 minutes from the time I go in till I come out the door.

I go to one of those big rooms with machines. I take off my wig and lie down on a table with a plastic holder for my head. Then the technician puts my mask on. This mask was custom made to fit my face tightly. It is used to make sure I don't move my head. They put the mask over my face and then buckle the edges to the table. I just lie there while the machines whirr and move around. Usually my nose starts to itch but I can't scratch it. I feel absolutely nothing as this is going on.

Then it is over and I leave. I understand the side effects happen about four weeks in. I dread that but Charlie Sparrow didn't seem to have too hard a time with his.

On Thursday I go to chemo just as I did previously.

My sister Julia drives me to to all these appointments. What a blessing she is to me. We do have a little disagreement almost every day. She lives in Jackson itself where I take the treatments. I live in Henderson about 10 miles away.

She always wants to come pick me up and I insist on driving myself to Jackson. I have let her come get me a couple of times. However, she does so much for me I don't want her to do more than necessary.

Other family members continue to care for me. My sister Janice came down this afternoon and cleaned and vacuumed. Then later she sent my niece Denee down with my supper.

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