Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am at the Rucker's now keeping the children.

I always try to have some Anne-time and I did last night when we went to pick up Chinese food and had to wait a while.

Ken is on crutches having injured his right knee playing volleyball. The doctor is hoping two weeks rest will solve the problem. If not, they will try more tests.

The kids and I had our usual talk before bedtime. Their favorite animals are: George, fox ( a change from rabbits. At one time, he wished his name was Rabbit boy) Adam, hawk, and Emma monkey. They decided the worst thing about becoming adult was taking care of teenagers. If they were teachers and could pick one book that their students had to read, Adam would pick The Complete stories of Uncle Remus. Emma and George also picked books but I was not familiar with them so I don't remember them. What do you like that most kids your age do not like? George said science and Adam said school. Emma was doing some work then.

Later I read them a chapter from the book about what happens when the clock strikes 13.

He is leaving today on a trip to Chattanooga and Lexington, KY. This morning he was ready to go, the kids carried out his suitcases, but he couldn't find his keys. He searched and searched.

It was almost eight so I took the kids to school where the Green Club was meeting to work on flower beds for the school. There was a neat red white and blue bench seat at the front of the building. Emma said she designed it. The back had white stars on a blue field. The seat and front had alternate boards painted red and white. A cute idea.

I came back to Anne's to find Ken still keyless. He asked me if I minded searching my purse. Of course, I didn't . The second thing I pulled out was his keys. In my defense the key to the Rucker house is on a key ring quite similar. I guess I just absentdmindedly dropped his keys in there sometime thinking they were mine.

I'm the only one who could do that and come out unscathed. He was very sweet to me. First he sat and got relaxed because he had been very upset.

I picked Adam up at school at 9:15 and took him to his appointment. Then we came back home and I put a pizza in the oven and then picked up Emma and George. They said they spent all morning shoveling dirt.

After lunch, it was down to the dentist's office for cleanings. Good reports except George has a cavity in a baby tooth. He said for Anne to call him but they would probably not fill it. Dr. Clark was in Ken's high school class and is a good friend of his.

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