Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anne had an all day seminar this week on Monday and Tuesday so I went up late Sunday to take care of the children for her. Her mother-in-law is out of town.

Anne called me to ask when I was getting there at a time when I was almost there. She and Adam had gone to the grocery store so I stopped at the store to see them. Adam was helping her because he was picking out food to go into his and George's lunches this week when they go to Boy Scout Day Camp.

At the house I greeted Emma, George, and Ken. Ken was engaged in the very important task of achieving a high level in a computer game called something Diner.

We had hot dogs for supper.

When we went to bed, Adam slept with me and Emma and George lay on the floor. First we discussed problems. Adam still talks about getting bullied at school. George is coughing. He says coughing a lot really bothers him. Emma was okay.

Then I asked questions. First question was If you could go to camp anywhere , where would it be and what would the camp be about? George and Adam bounced ideas off each other and decided on Nolensville, Tennessee, and that it would be a technology camp where they would learn to build their own robot and then learn to program it. Emma chose a sports camp in Henderson, Tennessee.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the other questions.

I read another chapter in an English book where a boy goes to visit his aunt and uncle and the clock strikes 13.

The next morning Anne was up early, made the lunches, and was off by seven.

The boys got up, ate breakfast, dressed, put on suntan lotion, got there stuff together, and we left a 8:15. Emma rolled out of bed just a few minutes before we left. Emma has always needed much more sleep than the boys. George thinks Emma is just not a morning person.

We got to the site at the right time because there was a short line at the sign-in desk, and a long line by the time we had finished. Besides the boys' lunches, we also had a large drink cooler with ice, and a blanket to contribute to the troop unit. The cooler was to hold the lunches. George was strong enough to pick the cooler up out of the trunk by himself.

Emma and I went back home and made our schedule but we didn't do well following it. Emily came by and brought some Girl Scout materials for Anne. She asked Anne to walk down to Sonic with her. I said yes, not knowing that she had never been allowed to do that and she did not tell me. Emma called me to tell me they had gotten to the Sonic. After a while I got worried. I would have said yes if she were my daughter but she isn't so I hopped in the car and drove down to Sonic where they were seated at the outside tables. They had bought some food. Emma used her money but Emily had used her debit card and it was refused so I paid for her food. I was surprised at this but Emily, same age as Emma, has both a cell phone and a debit card. Anne's children have neither.

That afternoon Emma and I had a reading period. Unfortunately we chose to do this on my bed, we both went to sleep, and when I woke up it was 3 pm the time I was supposed to pick up the boys. We hurried over there but we were the last to pick out boys from that troop. I felt so bad. I know how it is to work hard as a leader, be very tired, and have to sit there while lazy mothers just la-d-da are lax at picking up their children on time. I was soooooo sorry.

Back home George and Adam both were tired. they had spent all day outside very active in the heat. George's cough was worse. Anne came home tired also and not in a good mood.

We wound up going to bed, everyone in their own bed, and no reading from the book or talking. George was feeling really bad.

The next morning we repeated everything. On the way to camp I asked questions. To the question If you could talk to a famous person, who would it be? Emma answered Annie Oakley and Adam said Albert Einstein. George's brain was not awake and he said nothing.

Emma and I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and we bought Cokes, cereal, and frozen dinners for lunch. She chose some shrimp dish and I chose stuffed peppers. Emma's food preferences are more sophisticated than mine.

I had given the children a pulley for Christmas and Emma and I spent some time in the back yard working with that. First we attached it to an iron hanger on a tree but the hanger came close to coming out so we switched it to the deck rail. We pulled up toys, BBs, and other things. We discussed the significance of the four ropes on effort. Emma wanted to pull Madison, the dog, up, but for that it needs to be hung out of a high tree limb. I said maybe Daddy would do that.

This day we got to camp 15 minutes early to pick up the boys. When they got home, the four of us played with the pulley.

When Anne got home, she took Adam to his guitar lessons. I was surprised at how much progress Adam has made in learning to play. He is doing well.

George had to go to karate later.

I left to come home. I had mistakenly only taken medicine for two nights and needed to come on home.

It was a very nice visit and I enjoyed being with my grandchildren.

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