Friday, March 07, 2008

I am now at Anne's. I came up yesterday instead of today because of the threat of snow.

I got to Nashville in time to take the boys to their karate lesson. They are so cute in their little uniforms, bowing, taking stances, hitting, etc. I asked them when they would learn to break boards. They said they had already done that but couldn't do it often because they have to pay for the boards. George made something out of the first board he broke. I must remember to ask him what he made.

Sadly, their dog Dixie has died. Anne and Ken do a great job of explaining things to the children. George, Adam, and Emma, but mostly Emma, told me all about Dixie but they were using words and phrases that I knew had been told to them. They said that Dixie had not been "aging well" but Madison, the other dog, was. They said Dixie had died of "natural causes" and they buried her at Ken's mother's, where all Ken's other dogs are buried.

Even though the snow is supposed to be all over Tennessee, Ken is going to Memphis today for business and won't return until Saturday night. George and Adam are going to a sleep-over birthday party tonight so Anne, Emma, and I will have an all-girls night.

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