Monday, December 17, 2007

Really not much has happened to me lately that I should post.

I am in the midst of another period of mourning. My uncle F.L. Seaton died Saturday night. He was one of a family of eleven children, one of whom was my mother. We lost three of them this year, Mother, Aunt Maurine, and Uncle F.L., and there are only three left now, Uncle George, Aunt Velma, and Aunt Allene.

We have lost six people from the Seaton family this year. In addition to the ones listed above, we also lost Mother, Uncle Joe Talley, cousin Larry Wright, and my brother-in-law Harry.

Of course, most people would think we have plenty left, but the loss of each one really hurts as much as it would if they were the only one.

I go to Nashville Friday to help with my Christmas present to the grandchildren. They are getting an air hockey table for the TV room. They always enjoy the one at the resort in North Carolina. This will help them exercise something beside their fingers. And I think it will give them something to do at home during their teenage years.

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