Saturday, December 01, 2007

I am watching the Virginia Tech-Boston College game for the ACC title. Whenever I watch a game on TV, I usually have someone that I am hoping to win. In this case, it is Virginia Tech. My friend Doris Carroll's daughter Teresa graduated from VT in engineering and Doris is a big supporter of VT so naturally I am, too.

Similarly, I cheer for other schools for various reasons.

My top two schools:

1. Mississippi State. Is anyone surprised? I have a fierce loyalty to this school, more than all other schools put together. My going off to this school in 1961, where I knew no one, made all the difference in my life. So many things have worked out for me because of that decision. A lot of it was meeting George Rodney. So I try to pay back MSU with my unwavering loyalty and support.

2. LSU. George Rodney and I spent 4 happy years there when he was working on his Ph. D. He worked hard and we are grateful what a degree from there did for us. And Beth is there now working on her Ph.D.

The others I cannot rank but here they are and why:

Virginia Tech (noted above)

Tennessee Because I live here and because this is James's school. When I first moved to Tennessee, all I saw was orange. All the shirts in WalMart seemed to be orange. It really bothered me at first but I realized the other day that I no longer pay any attention to it.

Memphis- This is the school of my nephew Jay Parchman. I have had good times going to bowl games in New Orleans and Mobile that Memphis played in.

Arkansas State- Nephew Alvin Stewart and niece April Stewart both graduated from here.

Vanderbilt- My niece Sonja, her husband Fred, and her daughter Adrienne all graduated from Vanderbilt.

It makes for a full plate of great games on fall Saturdays for me.

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