Friday, November 02, 2007

Sunday was our day to explore Pittsburgh.

First we needed to find downtown. I didn't have a street address for the Garmin but Jay suggested 101 Main Street. That worked and I used it for other towns.

Going into Pittsburgh itself we went through a tunnel and coming out on the other side, we saw a beautiful scene of downtown Pittsburgh with the three rivers, the Monagahela and the Allegheny joining to make the Ohio. Jay was surprised but the day before one of the MSU people at our table had mentioned how wonderful this view was.

We went to an area of Pittsburgh known as the Strip. It has a lot of restaurants and shops. I wanted to eat at a place that advertised itself as Totally Italian. Unfortunately we found out it was a store, selling the ingredients for Italian cooking.

We ate at a bar that had an outside balcony over the street. The day was nice again, neither hot nor cold. Of course, cold blooded me took a jacket and wore it a lot.

Pittsburgh loves the Steelers and does not seem to much love the University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Steeler merchandise is everywhere. In the malls every store carries Steeler clothing and then will have a store that only sells Steeler clothing.

The street merchants had mostly Steeler merchandise. Game jerseys were $5. Pittsburghers wear their jerseys on Sundays even when the Steelers are not in town.

After looking over the area, we went to go up the incline to get a good view of Pittsburgh. I programmed the address into the Garmin, but when we got there we realized that we were at the top of the incline. We walked onto a vacant lot and got the good view we were after.

Next we visited Clayton, the house of the steel magnate Henry Clay Frick. I enjoy visiting houses so much. I think it is a female pasttime as Jay was the only guy on the tour.

In Pittsburgh people pronounce the name of Andrew Carnegie as Car-neg-ee, with the emphasis on the neg. I had always heard that as Car-nuh-gee, with the emphasis on the Car.

That night we watched the Steelers on Tv. They lost.

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