Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We beat Ole Miss Friday. I was there and then I have watched the replay on TV three times since.

The family Thanksgiving was at my house this year. Beth had too much work for them to come up.

First to arrive were James, Rene, Justin, Brittney, and Newman. Newman is now six months old and such a cute little boy. He is crawling. He crawled and the five of us just watched him, fascinated at everything he did.

Since Brittney is his step-daughter, James has never before had a little baby around. He is just stunned at how much he enjoys Newman.

Next to arrive were the Ruckers from Nashville. Then June from Arkansas. They were the ones that came the most miles and the ones that thought they would late.

I had my food and Rene brought a cake which gave rise to real worries from the triplets who kept telling me that we did not have enough food. Of course, in the end, we had food coming out of our ears. At every Southern gathering there has to be too much food and the men have to overeat. Those are the rules and my family follows them.

Others coming were Janice, Keith, Desiree, Jonathan, Nola, Denee,Julia, Cindy, Paige, and Morgan. And John, Charlotte had to work.

Nola is now a month old. It was so great to have two babies here. They were the big entertainment.

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