Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I had a dilemma for this past weekend. I wanted to go to two different events hundreds of miles apart.

I have been looking forward to the Alabama-Mississippi State game, which was this past Saturday. I really, really wanted to go. I always have hope that we will win and if we did, I wanted to be there.

On the other hand, the triplets were in a Veterans' Day program at their school. I wanted to see that but it will be taped and I can see it later. Of course, I would be able to see the Alabama game later also.

The game was at 11:30. I considered, maybe I could leave Starkville and drive straight to Nashville for the program. That wouldn't work.

Until earlier in the week, I was determined to go to the game. But I got hold of myself, made the correct decision, and went to Nashville for the children's program.

The Alabama-MSU game was an SEC game of the week but so was the Tennessee-Arkansas game. The TV stations had a choice of the games and I knew that Tennessee stations would pick up the TN-AR game.

But I would watch the Al-MSU game on my TV. That is what I thought. Illogical and stupid as it was, I turned on my TV at 11:30 thinking that I was going to see maroon and white. Of course, I saw orange.

Unfortunately, I was also unable to log onto Maroon to the Max, the subscription service that allows me to hear the radio broadcast of MSU sports. I clicked, clicked, clicked on the log in icon but it never worked.

I wound up "watching" the game on the CBS sportsline website. They show where the ball is and give a recap of each play.

We won! We won!

I wish I could have been there. One of my life goals is to be sitting on the crossbar of the goalposts when they come down after a great MSU victory. Ken says I am crazy, that I will be killed. But I am old now so it won't be that big of a loss. He says I'm too short to get up there. I tell him I have a son-in-law who will help me. He says no way.

I am so sorry I could not be there but I am happy that I made the right decision. I was able to watch the replay on TV later in the week. It was much more comfortable to watch knowing the outcome.

The school's program included all the first through fifth grade classes so the program was held at the very large Brentwood Baptist Church.

Ken, his mother Margie Rucker, and I went together. Ken is very sick with diverticulitis and should not have gone. He had a blanket in the car in case he had to go lie down in the car. He suffered throughout the program but he endured till the end.

Gina Rucker, the children's aunt, came in late. She had forgotten the program and had gone to the Tennessee-Arkansas game in Knoxville.

The program was the best school program I have ever seen. It was worth paying for, and I would think that even if my grandchildren were not in it.

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