Thursday, October 25, 2007

In the Spring when Jay started talking to me about going to the MSU-West Virginia game, I was lukewarm at best. Jay enjoys going to different campuses and games. I finally said okay, and I am glad I did. I got back yesterday from a great trip.

Jay was flying to Pittsburgh but I decided to drive. I am an American; I like my car.

I left here on Thursday, driving through Nashville, Louisville, and Cincinnati before stopping for the night at Columbus, Ohio.

I had a new Garmin 340 GPS system, bought from Amazon, and I loved it. It told me what lane, where and when to turn. Going through cities was a breeze. When it said 10 miles to the next turn I could relax for a while. My grandchildren named it Bully. Ken's Garmin is named Rachael Ray.

The foliage was beautiful, starting in Kentucky. The day was beautiful also. It was a pleasure on the road.

I passed some of the things that Anne and Ken had shown the kids on a trip a few years ago. Kentucky Down Under had been their goal. Anne wanted them to see Australian animals. I also passed Dinosaur Land. Adam strongly wanted to see this. When they got there, the admission price was so high the parents nixed it. However, they were able to convince Adam that the gift shop was Dinosaur Land. That wouldn't work now.

I passed the United States Corvette Museum or maybe it was the Hall of Fame. Later up the road I saw a long line of various colored Corvettes going south, to the museum I presumed.

I love Cincinnati; it is a beautiful city. After going over the crest of a hill, you see the city from on high, the river, the bridges, the city. A great view.

Ohio always surprises me. I think of it as industrial and heavily populated. But the areas outside of Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and a few other cities is agricultural. Between Cincinnati and Columbus is all flat land with scattered farm houses and barns.

Culturally it doesn't seem that much different either. The same billboards are there as in the South. "If you died today, where would you spend eternity." and "Hell is real." Also there is an advertisement for the Creation Museum.

I stopped for the night at a Days Inn. It seemed to be mainly patronized by truckers, who were very polite to me. There was always one there to open doors for me.

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