Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday morning I got up and got on the road. I went East through Wheeling, West Virginia, and then North to Pittsburgh. I programmed the address of the hotel into the Garmin and went right to it.

However, I was early. I got there before 3 pm so I decided to see what I could find and I found a mall. I bought some nice maroon clothing at Penney's that I wore the next day to the game at West Virginia.

Back to the hotel, I checked in and got two card keys. I got my luggage and started to the room when I realized I did not have the keys. I searched the car, my purse, everything. I managed to lose the key is seconds after they were given to me.

The desk clerk was very nice and gave me two more.

The room was great. I had gotten the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh Airport on Priceline for $45 a night. I find the TV channel selection is better at cheaper hotels. The Days Inn the night before had more choices than the Crowne Plaza.

I watched something on TV, football I think. Jay got in about 11, having taken the hotel shuttle. We talked for a long time. Our talk time had been limited so we had a lot of pent-up topics to discuss.

Saturday morning we dressed in our maroon outfits and drove to Morgantown. I think the trip was about an hour and fifteen minutes. I programmed into the Garmin the address of the WV Alumni Center where the MSU activities were scheduled and we drove right there.

We were early so we went over to Hardee's and got some breakfast.

Later at the center we had a pep rally, a great lunch, and many door prizes. We enjoyed talking to the people at our table. They were from Aberdeen and Meridian, Mississippi. Neither Jay nor I won a door prizes. The prizes were mainly t-shirts. Neither of us need another t=shirt but we really wanted to win. Humans often want something they don't need and are jealous of other people for possessions they don't even want.

We took a shuttle to the stadium. We had free parking and a free shuttle.

Our seats were second from the top in the end zone. Actually there were great seats with a good view but there was one big drawback that drove me crazy. We were right under the scoreboard and it seemed they used that loudspeaker to broadcast to the whole stadium. First, before the game, I was looking at something when I heard a loud roar and I, honestly, thought the stadium was falling down. I looked around wildly, terrified, and found that it was the scoreboard with a train picture on it and the sound, very loud sound, was of the train whistling. I spent the game with my hands over my ears between plays. I especially hated when State had third down because then a bell tolled LOUDLY three times.

Season ticket holders told us that it had never been that loud before, that it was twice as loud as usual.

State won the toss and elected to kick off. West Virginia got the ball on their own 14, fumbled, and State recovered. Alas, State was offside and had to kick again. This time no fumble and West Virginia scored a touchdown on their first play. That is the way the first quarter went. In all my years of watching football, I have never seen a worse played quarter than State played. At the end of the quarter, the score was 28 to nothing. And WV kicked a field goal, very soon after the second quarter started.

I was shell shocked. I thought we would probably lose but never in my worst scenarios was the situation that bad.

We played okay for the rest of the game but it was too late. We lost 38-13.

It was also easy driving back to Pittsburgh. At the hotel we watched the LSU-Auburn game and were glad LSU won, at least I was.

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