Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I see that there is something new on my itunes playlist. This is a mystery but so is everything about that playlist.

Yes, I have gone to the iTunes website, just to see what it was about and to see if I could work it. I saw the website and could not navigate it.

Then an iTune icon appeared on my desktop. Clicking on it was interesting. There were some songs on there that I would not have picked. But also on there is two songs by the Mississippi State band. One is Mr. Touchdown and the other is MSU Fanfare, which includes the fight song. Another recording is of a ex-Confederate soldier in about 1900 giving a genuine rebel yell.

How did this happen? I certainly did no choose those songs yet some were right on. I have enjoyed playing them.

This was a long time ago, maybe a couple of years.

Then when I clicked on it today, I saw that something had been added. It said "Larry Craig 3." I couldn't play it because I don't have something on my computer that it needed.

But why was it put on my computer? Whatever would any machine think that I would be interested in Larry Craig?

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