Saturday, September 29, 2007

Clothing and Football

I am toggling between the Florida-Auburn game and the Minnesota-Ohio State game. The Minnesota uniforms are atrocious.

(Off topic, Beth's major professor is a Big Ten fan. He tells her all about the Big Ten and says the SEC is nothing. He has absolutely no interest in the SEC and never thinks about them. Then he will give her some statistic that he thinks shows the superiority of the Big Ten as opposed to the SEC. If he doesn't care about the SEC, where did he get the statistics. I told her to ask him what the score of the championship game was in January. Of course, she can't do that.)

There are some colors that should not be worn as both the shirt and pants color. That includes the bright yellow that Minnesota is wearing. Why do they do that when their other color is so nice. (Almost maroon.) Other colors where the pants should not match the shirt are green lighter than hunter, orange, and maybe red. Nothing bright or pastel. They look silly to me. They look like emasculating to me.

Acceptable colors are maroon, black, hunter green, dark red, the darker blues, brown, or other darker colors.

When did coaches start wearing leisurewear? And those new ones this year with the slashes of color that go under the arms are particularly bad. But nothing will ever be worse than those NFL pants with zebra stripes in team colors. Remember them?

This trend led us inevitably to Bill Bellichek and Phil Fulmer.

Let's go back to wearing suits like The Bear did.

Aunt Mary,

You'll be thrilled to know that Howard Schnellenberger wears a suit even during those hot games in Boca Ratón.

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