Monday, August 13, 2007

Wednesday was a flurry of visiting venues where things were to be held. It was a whir of activities that I don't remember much about.

Thursday Sonja, Adrienne, and Calista were there to help. There was a crisis that morning because Steve was in great pain from a tooth that needed to be pulled. He gave Calista a lecture on brushing her teeth.

Beth found a dentist downtown that would see him, but he thought Steve would not be in good shape to be married on Saturday if he pulled the tooth so he gave him some drugs and made an appointment for the next Tuesday.

Sonja, ADrienne, Calista, and I went to the beach and got sand for the center pieces for the reception.

Adrienne and I went to the airport and picked up Marty and Charlie Sparrow from Starkville at the airport. I was thrilled that Adrienne was willing to drive. Marty, Charlie, and I enjoyed having her as our driver for the few days.

I moved into the Days Inn Thursday night.

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