Monday, August 20, 2007

Webb relatives at the wedding were Julia, Jay, Sonja, Adrienne,Calista,June, Harry, Alvin, Abigail,me, Beth, Steve,Anne, Ken, George, Adam, and Emma.

Before the wedding I met Beth's friend Leslie and got to try on her six carat diamond engagement ring. It looked great on my hand.

As we were lining up, before going in, I started to go over to Beth but she said not to, If you do I'll start crying, she said.

Evelyn went in first, then me.

Then the priest with Steve, Paul, Bobby, George, and Adam. Adam and George were holding their pillows behind their backs, but that was okay. Steve wore a suit but the other four wore yellow shirts with ties.

I guess the flower girls came in in order of height: Calista, Emma, and Brittney. They wore identical pink dresses and carried little pink paper baskets that Beth had made. Then Laura Henderson Russell and Anne. They wore teal dresses. Laura's was strapless and Anne's was a V neck sleeveless.

Then the bride escorted by our friend Richard Henderson. Richard said that Anne was just shaking before they started out but then when they were going down the aisle she was rock solid.

My dress was beautiful on her. The dress wound up costing more than Anne's wedding dress. It was worth it. The seamstress took the dress completely apart. She took out the darts to give more in the waist. She added sheered pieces to the waist and shoulders to add length and put braid over the old dart spaces and the new sheered pieces. The entire dress was then lined and she added buttons and loops so the train could be shortened. all beautifully done.

Guests enjoyed the ceremony. It was meaningful to everyone, especially the bridal couple.

The priest asked the guests to support and aid Beth and Steve in this marriage. When the audience's I Will was not loud enough, she asked it again.

Shortly thereafter, she moved to the front level with the congregation with Beth and Steve still on the dais and facing the congregation. This allowed the audience a great view of the bridal couple.

When they were taking their vows, the groom, unexpectedly and touchingly, started to cry. It was so sweet.

Afterward communion was served with Beth and Steve holding the chalices of wine.

During rehearsal the priest had lined up the children since all baptized persons are invited to take communion. We had to pull them out. I would have said because they are good little Southern Baptists but actually none of them were Baptists.

It was touching to see Deana (?) helping her mother up to the altar to receive communion.

Then that part of the wedding were over. It was time to party and eat barbecue.

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