Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday night we went over to Laura and Todd Russell's house in Neptune. I had never been there. Richard and Carol Henderson were staying with Laura for the wedding. Todd was working in Savannah and did not get home till Friday.

I think they call their house a condo but it seems more like a townhouse to me. It is a beautiful two bedroom house on two levels. I finally got to see Todd's beloved Florida national championship memorabilia. Last winter in the championship game when the Ohio State guy ran all that way for a touchdown right after the game started, I thought "Poor Laura! Todd just died of a heart attack." He was at the game but luckily he survived to see the victory.

The Ruckers also arrived on Thursday night. They went immediately to Ken's favorite seafood place on the river.

Friday was pom-pom day. Beth wanted the hall for the reception at church dressed up so that it didn't look so stark. She found this big, big pom-poms in a Martha Stewart magazine. From Martha Stewart they cost $5 each. Beth's version cost 43.7 cents each. Good thing because they had made 350. She and Steve had spent hours and hours accordion folding stacks of tissue paper and tying the middle with wire. But on Friday the ends had to be cut in points or scallops and the layers pouffed out. Each one took a long time.

Thank goodness we had good friends and relatives to help. Marty and Charlie Sparrow, Laura Russell, Carol and Richard Henderson, Anne, Evelyn Kilgore, Sonja and Adrienne Manuel, Beth, Steve, and I worked all day.

I left for a while to go to Beth's house to make punch. Beth had plans for four different punches. I had to make limeade, lemonade, a raspberry punch we called summer punch, and an orange punch we called sunshine punch. We had little labels on ribbons to tie to the punch jars.

I made two punches at a time. Unfortunately I kept forgetting which punch was which and what I had already put in the pot. Then I accidentally got some raspberry in the lemonade syrup and had to call Anne to go get more sugar. Some one had dropped me off and I had no transportation. I did get them made and I had compliments on the punch.

When I got back to the church, they were putting the pompoms on fishing line and tying them to the poles and lights. It looked spectacular. It was the most beautiful setting I have ever seen like that.

In the meantime, Ken had taken Adam, George, Emma, and their cousin Calista to the beach. I think they all had a good time, too.

We all worked late and then hurried to get back to the motel to get dressed for the rehearsal. In the meantime, my sisters Julia and June, June's husband Harry, June's son Alvin and his wife Abigail had arrived. They were tired and chose to stay in and rest and not go to the rehearsal and dinner.

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