Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I have not discussed the meals I ate or the people I ate with because I don't remember. I went each day to eat with a varying group of great people and had a good time.

Sunday morning was brunch at a place on A1A. They had a buffet. I think we were supposed to order something with Peruvian sauce, or maybe that was the sub place. Anyway I guess I will forever not know what that is.

I came into the restaurant and first Richard came up to hug me and Todd was next and seemed eager to see me. I did give him a hug which tickled him because he then pointed out I was hugging a Florida national Championship shirt that he was wearing.

A lot of people left after breakfast, the Ruckers and the Hendersons. The Ruckers were going down to Ft. Lauderdale where they were taking a cruise to Key West, Cancun, and Belize.

That afternoon we went to the beach. Marty, Charlie, and Evelyn went for a walk. Steve put Calista on his surf board and let her go up and down with the waves. Beth had on her white bikini that said Just Married over her butt.

Monday morning everyone left. Steve took the Sparrows to the airport. Sonja and Calista left for the airport in their rental car. I went to Beth's to pick up some plants.

Then Adrienne and I left for Tennessee. We talked to Julia and she recommended the hotel they had spent the night in the night before. She told us to ask for Room 103. We did but that room was occupied, but then the clerk said "I will put you in the room your other sister was in." I was surprised she knew that but she said that my sisters had talked about the wedding in Florida so she put two and two together.

The last day Adrienne and I stopped in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and visited Helen Keller's home. That was fun. Adrienne is like Jay; she is always ready for an interesting stop.

It was a treat having Adrienne on the trip home. It was good to have someone else to share the driving, but mainly I enjoy her company and her conversation.

Usually I am so happy and relieved to get home and be by myself but this time I wasn't. I had had a good time around people I love and I missed it. Too bad, I don't have another daughter to marry off.

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