Thursday, August 09, 2007

I got back from Nashville at nine last night. Anne is in school this week but the kids are not so I was up there babysitting.

That is not a chore at all for a grandmother. I was so touched today that I almost cried when I learned that Janice and Desiree plan for Nola Gracyn to spend Friday nights at her grandmother's house, just as Desiree always spent Friday night at her grandmother's.

Nolensville Elementary is moving into a wonderful new building. It will be great but it is a hassle for the teachers getting ready for the new year. There has been some problem getting the movers to move certain things. They would not move some of Anne's boxes. They will not move anything wood. I don't know why.\

Anne worked from 8 till 9:30 at night Monday. So many things to do at the beginning of the year and even more things to unpack.

I read to the children every night when I am there. I had been reading from Robert Bennett's Book of Virtues. At least, I thought I was. I mentioned it to my speech therapist. He recounted part of his favorite story from the book. I had never heard of it. This time I was more careful and learned that I had been reading from Bennett's Book of Heroes.

I bought The Book of Virtues and now we have many, many nights of good stories to look forward to. I read them the speech therapist's favorite, about the good girl who was given a gift so that when she spoke diamonds and roses came out of her mouth. Her mean sister had toads and snakes coming out of her mouth. The children loved this.

Monday morning I took Adam for his checkup with his allergy doctor. It was a good checkup. He is doing fine. He doesn't have to go back for a checkup for a year and he can cut his maintenance dose from a shot once a week to one every other week.

That afternoon we went to the community pool. We stayed so long that Ken called us to say he had supper fixed.

Tuesday I took George and Adam to their karate class. They look so cute in their little uniforms. I must take a picture of them sometimes.

That night Anne came home early at 6:30 for their dinner guest. JT Ellis was a good friend of hers in high school. He works for Dell in Austin but was in Nashville to install some new servers or something like that. He came over and spent the evening and everyone enjoyed that. If you look at an old post where I was recounting throwing snowballs at guys at State, you will see the name Edwin Ellis mentioned. That is JT's father.

After JT left I watched someTV. I saw Barry Bonds first two at bats where he got a single and a double, but Anne needed help with sewing some curtains for her classroom so I helped her with that and missed the record breaking home run. But I don't regret it. I once saw a movie where a man said he was blessed with work. Helping Anne is a blessing to me.

Wednesday the maid came to clean. This was Anne's reward for having a job. While the maid was there the kids and I went to the mall. I bought them some kidzine animals. Or some other spelling. Evidently you put the code in the manufacturer's website and you get to play games and creat things. I really don't know much about it.

They were afraid Anne would be mad that I was spoiling them. I explained that parents aren't allowed to spoil their children because they are responsible for their children growing up to be good people. Grandparents are not responsible for that so that we get to spoil them. And it is a reward for getting old.

Wednesday afternoon I took Adam to occupational therapy. The part he doesn't like and the most important to me is the tasting. Adam tasted green beans and something else. Next week it will be broccoli and cauliflower, both favorites of mine. Adam has progressed from eating no vegetables to eating some, particularly raw carrots. He does cooperate at the therapy sessions.

Spending so long with them was a revelation to me. They are growing up and maturing. And they are becoming good people. They play better together and are more compassionate with each other.

The boys are going over to play with twins Nicholas and Phillip tomorrow. Nicholas and Phillip are different sizes like George and Adam are. Anne says the four play well together but if they pair up George plays with the big twin and Adam plays with the little one.

I came home exhausted. I felt a little better after getting something to eat. The children are easy to babysit but I am always tense trying to anticipate trouble or danger which never happens.

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