Saturday, August 11, 2007

Beth seemed to have everything in hand so I didn't go to Florida until the week of the wedding. I left here on Monday and arrived on Tuesday. My car was stuffed full from the gifts that people had given her.

This time I went by way of Tupelo. I did not like that way; it was not good going into Birmingham. I then went to Atlanta which Jay tells me is the wrong way. I have never gone what I now believe is the right way but I believe it would be to go through Corinth, then over to 65, through Birmingham and through Montgomery, then hitting 10.

I did get a kick out of listening to a sports call-in show in Birmingham. They were looking forward to SEC media day. Evidently the LSU coach has been avoiding saying the word Alabama when Nick Saban is mentioned. He says "the team that he coaches."

Also they talked about Michael Vick and the dog fighting case. One black guy called in and told of the difference between Black people and their dogs and white people and their dogs. His points were: White people buy dog food for their dogs, while black people feed their dogs table scraps. White people let their dogs sleep in the bed with them, while black people let their dogs sleep outside tied to a tree. White people take their dead dogs to the pet cemetery, while black people throw their dead dogs in the garbage.

The radio host said that if that had been a white person, it would have been the most racist thing he would ever have heard.

Anyway I did get to Jacksonville, but I was there during rush hour. I always seem to get to Atlanta and Jacksonville during rush hour.

I was going south on the interstate waiting for the JT Butler expressway to take me to the beaches. I knew where it was; I was waiting for it. But suddenly, not only was there a lane to the right of me but it was filled with cars. I couldn't get over. I went to the next exit and called Beth. She gave me directions and I made it to Jax Beach but I almost ran a red light. I learned a lesson. I cannot be on the phone while driving in big cities.

It was wonderful to see Beth and to realize that the day we had been working for (Beth more than me) was almost here.

That night two of Beth's friends came over to practice on her hair. They decided on a style although all of them looked about the same to me.

I stayed with Beth that night.

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