Sunday, August 19, 2007

Adam and George behaved beautifully the whole weekend. I had told Anne not to set adult standards for them but my admonition wasn't necessary. They did walk out for the wedding carrying the pillow behinds their backs but that was okay.

They do have a tendency to start friendly fighting when they get bored. They think "I am bored. What can I do? I know! I can hit my brother!"

After the rehearshal we went over to this sub shop for food. Julia, June, Harry, Alvin, and Abigail had arrived but they decided they were too tired to go.

This venue had the most missteps of the whole weekend. First they were supposed to put Congratulations to Beth and Steve on thier sign outside. They did not do that.

We had had a professional make a DVd that showed pictures of Beth and Steve growing up to be played there. We finally got them to play it but there was no sound. That was a big disappointment to Beth. The montage is beautiful however.

Then it was back to the motel and hopefully a good night's rest before the big day.

I always had a dilemma at the motel. There were so many people there that I wanted to spend time with but my time was limited.

The next morning was beautiful but it was supposed to rain but the wedding went off not wet.

I did not get to the church as soon as I meant to do. I went to the reception hall to place the ladles and Steve came in. He told me that he had found another bag of those unpoufed pompoms at the house where he was staying. (He was house sitting and caring for a dog for his boss.) He asked what he should do.

I told him that he should not mention it to Beth, throw them away, and tell her on their 10th wedding anniversary. Beth says he has a hard time not telling her the truth and manages always to arrange it so she finds out. He hid the pompoms not very well behind a chair and she found them. She wasn't upset since he told her that I told him not to tell her.

I was out in the hall when I saw George Rodney's niece Deana. It was so good to see her. Lightseys attending were sister Bebie, brother-in-law Charles, niece Deana, her daughter Natalie and granddaughter Grace, niece Brenda, and her daughter Kate.

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