Sunday, July 08, 2007

When I posted about riding in the back of pickups, etc., I forgot one story that I did not participate in.

Anne was good friends in high school with Kim, who had a twin brother Todd and an older brother. The family had one of those old station wagons with a luggage rack on top.

When the family would be on vacation, riding down the road, the children in the back seat would get bored. A favorite amusement was daring Todd to climb over the car.

This he would do while the car was flying down the road. He would climb out one window, holding on to the luggage rack, cross over the top of the car, and climb through the window on the other side.

Then one day the mother turned around, saw he was missing, and asked where was Todd. After looking at each other, the brother and sister pointed up. The mother told the father to stop but to do it slowly.

They retrieved Todd from the top of the car. The children were told to never, ever, ever do that again. Todd was disappointed.

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