Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gov. Mitt Romney is being criticized for something he did 25 years ago. The headline claims he strapped his dog to the top of his car as his family left to go on vacation. Actually he strapped the dog carrier containing his dog to the car.

It sounds like fun to me and got me to thinking about all the ways I traveled when young that would not be accepted today.

The best was riding in the very back of the pickup truck. We sat on the let-down door of the bed of the pickup with our legs hanging out. The ones on each side could hold on to the door chain but the ones in the middle had nothing. When we went over bumps, we would go flying up into the air, especially the middle ones. That was great.

If the door was not down, we rode sitting down with our backs to the cab of the truck. Not so much fun.

With cotton in the truck, it made for a soft ride. The more cotton in the truck, the higher up we would ride and the more fun it would be.

People laugh about dogs enjoying sticking their heads out into the wind. Children are the same way.

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