Sunday, May 06, 2007

today at Mother's we discovered some old letters and diaries of mine. They seem interesting and funny to me. Please remember that I was very young when these things were written.

Letter to June:

Written on, I think, a physics lab report sheet. At the top it says Mississippi State University, School of Science, Department of Physics.

Hints for interpretation: Doc is George Rodney. Joe Dan Gold played basketball for MSU. Dr. Swor was an evangelist.

Dear Sister June (Clara Barton),

I was so tickled to get your letter. You have no idea how good it makes a person away from home feel to get a letter.

Why did Norris Ray call the Friday night before I was home on Saturday? I never did find out. Was it about that boy who wanted to go with me, the one that looks like Joe Dan Gold? You don't know what Joe Dan Gold looks like though.

Alumni have been here. Old-timers game yesterday. Bailey Howell didn't make it though. Basketball prospects here from far away places. On 6'10" from Florida. One from Michigan, etc.

Glad to hear about my ring. Solitaire most preferred here.

If possible, read Captain Rebel by Frank Yerby. Very similar to Gone with the Wind.

I don't like Doc as much---for no reason. Crush on Walter Simmons. No hope. He's on BSU council-nice boy, blonde, cute. Other crushes.

Have a few minor problems. Have date Friday night but don't know who with.

Have decided to give up dancing. Don't think it's right although it is a lot of fun.

Dr. Swor has been here this week-end. Have heard him speak Fri. night, Sat. night, Sun. morning, and plan to go tonight.

Why do you want stereo so badly?

Am so rushed, have chem. test and mid-term lab quiz Mon.

Walter Simmons

Sister, remember the time Rayburn drove so fast going to Jackson? Teddy and I were with you and the top was down? I wrote a theme entitled My Most Frightening Experience and got an A- on it. Don't tell Rayburn unless you want to. Mr. Bryan wrote "Interesting!" on the outside.

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