Thursday, May 10, 2007

Postings from my diary: These will be heavily edited. Mainly because it is not interesting, is ridiculously silly, or repetitive.

Beginning when I was 11 years old in 1955

January 1. 1955

Today I went to town. I should have washed my hair but I didn't. I hunted for pajamas but didn't find any.

January 2,
We took Mammy to the depot last night. June and I went to Yvonne and Joyce's . Joyce and I stayed in the play house.

Jan 3
Emily asked could me and her clean the cloak room before Doris could ask.

Jan 6
Doris Hill said she was going to tell on me and Emily. She did but nothing happened.

we ground corn, 21 sacks. We did it with the new pulley Daddy bought.

January 20
Daddy traded disks, tractors, and bought a truck. He traded for a 55 Ford.

Feb 13
We went to Decaturville to see the oil well but we didn't see the oil well. June saw some cute boys.

Feb 19
Mother and I ground 14 sacks of corn.

March 4
I made an A on my report on Benjamin Harrison.

March 15
Uncle Luke died. (This was Big Mama's brother.)

March 19
Today is Johnny's birthday. he is three. John got a little tractor and wagon for his birthday.

May 17
Mother, John, Janice, and I went to Mrs. Vivian's. We got some English peas and mustard. At home we set out four rows of strawberries, some tomatoes and peppers.

June 4
We went to Lexington for baling wire and got back by 9:35 am. They baled 100 bales of Daddy's hay. Joan Talley was on TV.

June 11
Julia and Jerrell got married. I polished silverware.

June 25
Aunt Velma gave Julia a shower. June and I gave her a pitcher and glasses. We were blind folded and then we had to find and put on our shoes.

July 2
We came home and ate stew and lemonade at church. We were over at Aunt Callie's and saw a strange thing in the sky. (UFO?)

July 16
Julia and Jerrell came. I made 5 pints of blackberry jam.

July 18
We went fishing in the big ditch. I caught 8, Bob 1, June 3, and Carolyn 2.

July 20
I canned 5 quarts of grapes.

July 25
School starts today. There are 43 enrolled.

August 24
Charlie Glenn Miller was at school today. he's DJC's boyfriend from Memphis. He's not cute one bit.

September 8
Today we played steal the bacon.

September 15
We played slinging statues at school. I have to feed and water the calfs every day now.

September 16
Today is the last day of school. For dinner we had a pepsi cola.

September 19
We picked cotton Lama, Terry, Carolyn helped us. I picked 100.

September 28
We didn't pick cotton. the Yankees beat the Dodgers. (Evidently this was the World Series.)

October 21
Picked cotton Uncle Cleo's place. Picked 172 pounds.

October 25
Today is my birthday. I am 12 years old.

October 30
Jerrell is sick. Uncle Carmen, Aunt Catherine, Julia, and June took him to the Veteran's Hospital in Nashville.

November 17
I went to school. Mother and John made Janice a birthday cake. She is one.

December 4
Uncle George is at home. We had turkey dinner at Mama's after church. Uncle George is crazy.

December 17
Pulled bolls on Mammy's place all day long.

December 18
I said a poem in the program at sunday School. Emily and I sang The first Noel.

December 22
Christmas play. I started all songs too high or low.

December 23
Just 7th, 8th grades came to school. We cleaned up . Aunt Velma served us wonderful cokes and cookies. Daddy got Mother a TV.

December 24
Of course, I went to Mama's. had wonderful supper, had pictures taken, went to bed and talked to cousins.

December 25
I got 2 slips, a blouse, notebook, permanent, purse. June got a $20 dress from Roy Neal.

(I don't understand the December 23 post. I was only in the 6th grade that year.)

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