Sunday, May 06, 2007

(Part of letter to June. First part is lost.)

I'll probably be home Saturday, too, if I can find a way. I wish I could find a way back Friday afternoon the 3rd.

Doc's birthday was Wednesday. I gave him some Russian Leather men's cologne made by chanel. Law, but it smells so good. You have no idea. His mother sent him a cake with "Happy Birthday, George" written on it. I saved the letter "G" from it. It's hard now but I'm going to keep it as a souvenir.

Honestly I've written so long my hand hurts.

Remember who used to use this kind of pad? (Note: the letter is written on a yellow legal pad sheet.)

I had English 113 final yesterday. Tuesday I have calculus, Thursday, history; Fri., graphics; and Saturday chemistry.

I have a C average in calculus now without any points added. Glory!

Tell me what you like me to write about and I'll write more in my letters about it.

I guess by this letter you know that I see Doc every night. I usually meet him at supper in the cafeteria about 5:30. We will eat and then go to whispers. (I meant vespers!) I never do want to go and he always does. We fight like mad but come 6:15, I'm always over at the BSU center.

Sometimes he goes on back to his room, sometimes we go to the library to study, sometimes we play cards in the lobby or a few other things.

Monday morning.

I slept until 9:30.

Now I must get dressed, go to the hospital, and then to post office.

When I got sick last , Mother and you both worried over it. Don't, I'm not going to die.


Letter from June written on back of letter above.

Dear Sister,

Julia, Jerrell, and Rayburn came last night and we played rook.

It has rained for about a week.

I believe "Doc" can do some of the sweetest things that I ever heard of. Such as the sign: "When was the last time you called Mary?"

Did you get my watch all right?

Rayburn and I looked at furniture yesterday. The bad thig about it is we are not interested in looking at things we are really going to need. So, we looked at a magnificient stereo, which I am just wild about and a TV that Rayburn is crazy about, and a piano we both are crazy about. All of them have a walnut finish.

We haven't decided what we want in a living room suit as we haven't seen anything that really caught our eyes. We haven't found what we want as our bedroom suit. But listen to this, in our guest bedroom we are going to have white French proventional (spelled wrong). But you know how Mother is, When we told her about looking at Tvs, pianos, stereos she nearly had a fit. She commented we should get only the neccessities. She said when her and Daddy married they got only a stove and bedroom suit. Sister, you know me, I want so many things I've never had.

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