Monday, May 07, 2007

Notes: I think now the teasing about the English teacher was because the boys couldn't think of anything else to say to me. I never went to the teacher's office, only talked to him after class. At that time, MSU was on a three point system. An A was worth 3 points, so George Rodney's 2.111 was better than a B.

Wed. afternoon

Dear Sister,
I always read my letters to Doc so don't write things about him that you would care for him to read. I like him as much as ever now. He brought me a piece of his daddy's birthday cake.

I wish you would write to tell me all about Daddy. Mother seems very worried over him.

This is "Pansy Picking Week." The flowers all over the campus have been looking so pretty for the last few weeks. Next week they will be plowed up, so this week anyone can pick them. I was over in front of Hilbun Hall this afternoon in the middle of the flower bed and I almost stopped traffic. You've never seen such staring.

I think I told you about the April Fool's Joke in my last letter. If I didn't, write me and I'll tell you.

Wed. Night

I'm so glad I didn't quit Doc. Maybe you'll get to meet him yet. I hop you won't be disappointed.

He is a wonderful ballplayer. Wish we could get him to play ball with us some summer Sunday afternoon.

I have come to the conclusion that the only way y'all will get to meet Doc is for him to come up there. It would be too obvious if I just asked him to come. It would seem as if he were going to be inspected. It would have to be a special event. Why don't you think of something?

For the 2nd year in a row, I'm missing the first Sunday in May.

I have changed my research paper title to "The Good-Natured American." My teacher is a very young graduate student, you know. The boys, especially Steve Roebuck, is always teasing me about him. Especially about getting help after class. I like Mr. Bryan though. When I finally finished reading the research booklet, 2 days after I was supposed to, I went up and told him and he said, "Congratulations." It took me forever to pick out a subject. Then today when I told him I had changed, he said " Well, what is it TODAY?"

I'm so proud of Doc's grades. He has a 2.111 at mid-semester. He has C's in calculus and graphics, B's in physics, and A's in chemistry, government, ROTC, and PE.

I'm going to an opera Friday night. It's the German opera "Fladermaus" meaning "The Bat." I've heard the whole story from Cliff Watson and it's in English so maybe I can understand it. I don't understand Cliff. He dates a girl in the dorm-Bobbie Betts. Maybe he's just trying to be a good friend to me. I don't know. However you wouldn't beg a good friend into going to an opera. I mean just insist on it. would you? His father is Jones County supt. of Schools. I like Jones C., don't I!

(Missing pages here)

Ann Carroll is here now. It is 12 o'clock. I wish she'd leave.

thurs. afternoon

My schedule:
thurs. afternoon_Put out this Week in BSU
Fri. night-(1) opera
(2)Hull Dance
Sat. afternoon-Fishing
Sat. night-movie

All except fri. night with Doc.

Write again soon. Be sure to tell me about Daddy.


Hey Aunt Mary,

Please keep writing. It is so wonderful to read from so many miles away. I love you very very much!

Hey Aunt Mary,

Please keep writing. It is so wonderful to read from so many miles away. I love you very very much!

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