Sunday, May 06, 2007

Note: Still not spelling tomorrow correctly.

It is 15 degrees outside now. The weatherman said it is supposed to get down to 5 tonight and not get over 10 tommorrow. It is still snowing as I write this at ten o'clock. If it snows all night, we will have no school tommorrow because the professor's cannot get here. Don't you know we'll have a blast tommorrow. I see I have forgotten to say that we have about 8 inches of snow today. Most of it fell as I was in chemistry lab.

There are only two girls in lab. I knew something was going to happen when we got out. the rest of the classes went out a second or two before I did. I went on down to the basement of the Chemistry building and went out the side door. After getting a big snowball, I sneaked around the side. There at the front were four of the boys I'm always playing around with. Then they saw me. I threw my snowball hitting nothing. They begin throwing right on their target. I started running down the sidewalk to the dorm with them chasing me. The sidewalks were just like glass and I absolutely slid all the way.

When I got to the dorm, I found out we had special permission to wear pants to classes and on campus. I put mine on and went to the post office. I carried my umbrella as it was snowing so hard. In front of the post office, I met Edwin Ellis, or more accurately, I met a snowball of his, head on. He must not have thought would hhrow at him, because I had no trouble at all planting one on his face. We threw at each other for about five minutes there in front of the YMCA. I decided to wait for Doc at Lee Hall because I knew had had a class at three there. I waited and waited but no doc. When classes changed along came Carlos and Kenneth. When we got outside, Ken put a little snow on my collar. These boys down here don't think girls can throw snow because I caught him unexpectedly with a handful right in the face. We were standing on the side steps of Lee Hall and just mashing it in each other's faces. When it was just caked on our faces, we stopped. Carlos had been on the inside. When he came out he threw at me and I chased him to the post office. When I got down there, all the boys loitering in front of the Y started throwing at me so I made a wise retreat.

Late this afternoon, I carried a book to the library and Tootie Hill threw a snowball at me. He is a big football player. It really thrilled me to death. He scored out touchdown against Ole Miss.

I finally got to the cafeteria about 5:30. Frances and I ate with Doc, Ken, Carlos, and Whistle.

We borrowed a tray from the cafeteria and later tonight Doc and I went over to Magruder and slid down the hill there. The tray was too small for him but it did just fine for me. Tommorrow we're going to try the one behind Herbert. It has a road going down it. Just knowing it is going to be a thrill and a half. Ought to be able to pass the speed of sound on it.

This is really fun. I love being here so much.

They called the Alabama game off.

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