Sunday, May 06, 2007

Note: Each county used to have a number on their license plate. For example, if your tag was 61-7684, then that meant you lived in Chester County because 61 was Chester County's number. It was done by population with higher population counties having higher numbers. Davidson County was 1 since it has the capitol. Shelby, the most populous county, was 2. I think Madison was 7.

This letter would have been written in the fall of 1961. Evidently this was homecoming and high school day.

I left in the spelling for tomorrow. I have had trouble all my life remembering which is the double letter.

This is written on the back of a mimeographed paper from Petroleum Engineering titled Stimulation of Oil Wells by Hydraulic Fracturing Dawell-Allison Pumper.

Dear Family,

I am o.k. I've been too busy to write. I worked until 11:30 last night on the SA float. It really did look nice when we finished it. I had late permission until 12. The freshmen float looked good, too. I was supposed to ride on it but I worked as a guide for the high school visitors instead.

I had no idea Teddy would be able to come. I waited and waited for them to come. Then it was time for the parade to begin so I went on down past the Y. All the other buses had already gotten here. 10,000 HS students were expected and they're here, too. Anyway, I was with the Kossuth bunch & Mary K. told me there was another bus coming. I had given up hope but I looked & as it got closer I saw the 61 license tag. They parked over behind the stadium so I had to walk all that way. I knew I wouldn't find them but I did. It really was nice to see home folks.

I got a hs ticket and sat on the other side of the students' section.

The centennial started a year ago tommorrow, Sister.

Quay Camp's son is a student here I learned last night. I'll have to look him up. Dan is his name, this girl told me. She is from Guntown.

I'm writing this during the game so forgive the writing, etc.

I don't know when I'll be home.

I'm tired.


Note from June on back:

Dear Sister.

Sorry I haven't written you, but I have been busy as you say and anyway if I had written, I wouldn't have had anything to say. Eve Mae has a little boy, named Larry Bruce.

I have had a very bad cold, then a very bad cough, and a very bad sore throat.

Mammy and Uncle Bob came, he said they tried to make it before you had left for college.

June Maries Webb
is about to go to
sleep, she is very
very sleep, too.

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