Sunday, May 06, 2007

January 18, 1962

Dear sister,

I forgot to tell you in my last letter that I made 100 on final chemistry lab test. That counts a third of my lab grade which counts a third of my chemistry grade. I just got back a calculus paper on which I made 85. I honestly worked my head off on that test. I have started reviewing and I am hoping I can get by with a C.

Bill Wheatley wrote me the nicest letter all about Hawaii. His is going to Japan next and he said if he found something there that he thought I might like he would send it to me as a gift. Isn't that sweet?

I told y'all that Wednesdy was Doc's birthday. I called him Tuesday afternoon and asked him to take Mary Kathryn and me to town which he did. He said he was going anyway but if he was he finished his business in a hurry. Anyway that was about 2:30. He sat in the car studying calculus so we were afraid to go into any men's shops because he would see us. We saw we were going to be there for a long time so we told him to just come after us at 4 since he had a class at 3. anyway we finally bought some Russian Leather men's cologne made by chanel who also makes Chanel No. 5.

When we got back to school we started wondering whether he would like it. I really had my doubts but it was too late to get anything else, but I think he did like it. I hope so.

He called me last night for no reason at all. I asked him why and he said he had a telephone ad pinned up in his room which says "When was the last time you called Mary?" A boy came in his room and asked him that. He said he didn't have any change so the boy gave him some change and he called me.

Ellen Gowan and George Long are engaged. She has the prettiest ring. It is white gold with a tiny solitaire that looks beautiful because her hand is so small. We threw her in the shower last night since she only told Mary K, Frances, Sue Beth, and me Wednesday. That night we started to put drops in Mary K's eyes because her contacts had been hurting her. Frances holds her head, I hold her hands, and Ellen puts the drops in. We started to do that and Mary K noticed her ring. You should have seen George yesterday. He was just like a little kid. Doc and I were in the post office and he spoke to us from way across the room and just grinned ear to ear. They hope they will be able to get married in August in the first Baptist Church in McAdams.

I am sitting in calculus and writing a letter, but that's nothing as Ken Casey, Ray Jones, Bobby Moore, and Happy Daze are playing cards. Now Ray and Ken are playing Rock, Scissors, and Paper.

I may not be home between semesters if I decide to go to mid-winter retreat the BSU's having. Everyone is going. It cost $5. What should I do?

Someone asked Bobby Gann last night if Doc and I were brother and sister! That kills me.

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