Friday, April 27, 2007

The Ruckers had planned on going canoeing on Saturday so they decided to go ahead and do it since it was no futher from here than it was from Nolensville. Of course, Ken came back telling how everyone was amazed at his prowess at paddling.

Most everyone went to John and Charlotte's for a late lunch, early dinner at 2 o'clock. Beth had forgotten to bring the medicine that is supposed to prevent another ovarian cyst. Understandably she is paranoid about this so she had the prescription sent to WalMart and she went to Jackson to pick up the prescription.

Julia took me home and Anne and Ken were already back.

We got ready and went to the funeral home. We got there a little before the appointed time of 4:30. I thought we would be the first but we were the last of the 6 families.

They had done a good job of Mother and none of her black blotches showed. We had a lot of people come through. Some people sent food there so there was eating in the kitchen. The kids enjoyed that.

Janice, primarily, had picked out pictures that the funeral home had put on a cd and it was continuously showing on a TV there. I enjoyed so much watching those good times.

The triplets and their cousins spent their time either in the lounge or outside on the porches. They would travel around the porch outside the railing and then drop off into the landscaping. Emma was wearing sandals and her feet were black. Anne was not pleased.

I have wonderful aunts and they all sat in a row as they usually do. Aunt Maureen has gotten very frail. Aunts Velma, Tylene, Melba, and Allene are doing well. All the cousins except Aunt Allene's boys showed up, most for both visitation and the funeral, even Tiny came from North Carolina. Thanks to the internet because she said if I hadn't sent her an email on Thursday morning she would not have had time to make the arrangements.

I was so pleased that they brought Uncle FL from his nursing home in Jackson. He was in a wheelchair. Carolyn said he had had a good day and he seemed to enjoy seeing everyone. He stayed a good amount of time. Most often he is so cantankerous that they can't take him anywhere. They were not able to take him to Uncle Hubert's visitation or funeral.

Afterward we went to Janice's and ate again. I was not hungry but they had banana pudding so what could I do?

Sunday we all got ready for the funeral. Lunch was from the huge amount of food still here.

Anne drove in the procession, with me, Beth, and the kids riding. Ken was with the other pallbearers. I was disappointed that we were not in order. By that I mean we should have lined up Julia, June, Mary, John, Janice, and James.

When we got to the church, we did walk in in that order. Harry's son and daughter-in-law met us there.

The service was beautiful. Keith sang Going Home as he did at Aunt Vaneida's and George Rodney's funerals. He also played Amazing Grace on his saxophone. Brother did a good job with the sermon since he knew Mother so well. James, Julia, Keith, and Cindy also spoke movingly.

After the graveside service, we went to the dining room at church where we again had a meal. George and Adam said they were hungry because it had been a long time since they had eaten. Actually they ate chocolate chip cookies on the way from the funeral home to the church. The food was fantastic.

The boys got into a good natured pushing match up front until Anne broke it up. I told her it was cute. She said it might be cute to me but probably wasn't to a lot of people. She is very careful with them as she doesn't want any brats.

Actually the three of them were very well behaved during the weekend. Adam told Ken's sister, their Aunt Gina, that he almost cried. George said he almost cried, too. We won't mention that George, along with Emma, cried a lot.

The Ruckers with Beth, Jay, and ADrienne left for Nashville from the church because Ken had to drive on to Atlanta that night since he had a mediation there on Monday.

Doris Carroll and CW meant to make an early start going back to Virginia. Doris went to the bathroom in the church to change clothes and got locked in. They had to take the doorknob off to get her out.

Julia brought me back home. It is funny how different people are. Julia hated to go to an empty house while I was happy to be alone for a while.

Now I am in a good place. Totally in denial but enjoying it.

I did go to visit Miss Pauline at the nursing home. She was Mother's roommate and when you think of it, she spent the most time with her and misses her most. She has spent a lot of time crying and wonders if she could have done something. She says she asked Mother something after they went to bed and Mother did not reply. She wishes she had called the nurse, but if Mother was gone it would have done no good.

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