Thursday, March 08, 2007

The next game was the semifinal in Emma's league. Both team's colors were Chester County blue. Then in the final game we saw, Adam's game, both teams wore black. Unusual.

We watched that game and I think Emma's team can beat the one that won that game. Ken will be a basket case by Friday.

Adam's team also won. Adam is not very good, but he tries and is enthusiastic. George says Adam is good at defense.

The winner of the final game is a black team from Franklin. They will play Adam's team for the championship Friday night. They will probably win. Or is it that we just automatically think blacks are better. Ken says they are aggressive.

On the way home, George started talking. When I say x, I am protecting the Ruckers. George did mention an exact figure. George said: x thousand dollars. That is a lot of money. Mom and Dad paid x thousand dollars in income tax. I don't know why they did that. It is confusing to me.

It must be right because Anne and Ken glared at each other.

The kids were excited about going to school Tuesday. They have been studying geology and were going on a field trip to Cumberland Caverns including eating their sack lunches inside the cave. George related to me how caves are formed. (There is a crack in the rock. Water flows into it. It freezes. More water flows and it does that for thousands of years and it makes a cave.)

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