Friday, March 30, 2007

June and Harry came over for the first time in maybe six months. Harry had cancer surgery and has been fighting to get his strength. He is still very thin but is getting better.

Saturday afternoon June, Harry, April, Julia, and I went to visit Mother at the nursing home.

Jerry and Ted Moore were there on a watch over their mother who died later that day. We talked to them. I was describing how June acted on the sidelines of Harry's team's softball games. Mother saw me and laughed, the first time she has laughed in a long time.

Later that night James and Rene, John and Charlotte, Cindy with Jesse and Morgan, June, Harry, and April, and Julia all came to my house for supper. James and Rene went to get Mother but she would not come.

We had a good meal. Julia had bought stew that morning and it was very good.

Afterward we just talked. For some reason we got onto how we had met our spouses. It was a lot of fun.

I'll tell more about it later.

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