Thursday, March 22, 2007

I got back last night from a week long trip to Florida. I left on Wednesday and arrived at Beth's on Thursday night.

Friday Beth and I had lunch at a barbeque place called Mojo's. Beth had been anxious to eat there but was very disappointed. She put sauce on her barbecue and it was so greasy she could not eat it.

I had a barbecue sandwich and it was okay.

The restaurant however was very interesting. On the walls were tributes of Delta and Memphis musicians. They had a stage where, I think, they must have blues bands on the weekends.

I loved one painting they had. BB Kin was in the foreground, then cotton fields leading up to Memphis in the background. Great.

Then we went to the University of North Florida campus for her to go tothe doctor. She had been having ear and sinus problems. He didn't think she had an infection but gave her andantibiotic prescription if she needed it. He also told her to pinch her nose and blow to open up her ears and it helped.

However, she decided, and I agreed, that it would be best if she did not go to Gainesville and sit out in the cold and damp.

Jay and I did go on down to the University of Florida. We got there late but got good seats and enjoyed the game. State won 10-8.

Supposedly they have just spent $13 million dollars on the stadium but it did not show. And the crowd was small.

A former civil engineering professor sat in front of us and we enjoyed talking to him. I asked him if Coach Mac, the Florida coach, was in danger of being fired. He said yes, but seemed to blame the assistant coaches more.

Laura and Todd left on Friday to go to Savannah for the St. Patrick's day festivities.

Beth and I went to the game on Saturday. Steve was supposed to go but we only got a short piece when he said he just couldn't do it. He had had a tooth ache and it was bothering him too much. Beth and I took him back and went on to the baseball game. Unfortunately we lost by two runs.

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