Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Anne called Sunday night to tell me that both Adam and Emma would be playing int semifinal games in their basketball leagues. (George did not play ball this spring.) She suggested I come up Friday for the finals.

Odds were 3-1 that one would not be playing on Friday so I went up Monday to see the earlier games.

When I got to their house, only Ken was there. He is Emma's coach and was very nervous and anxious. Then Anne, George, and Emma got home. Adam was at an occupational therapy class. Ken's mother brought him to the game later.

The game was over in Franklin, a good ways over.

Emma's team color is maroon and they are the bulldogs. She suggested that and the team okayed it.

The other team was also in maroon. Their shirts are two sided so they can be worn either white or the team color. In this case the other team wore theirs on the white side.

They won the game fairly easily. The other team really had only one player who did anything. When the bulldogs had scored 18 points Ken said he knew they would win because that girl could only score 16 points. After a player has scored that many points she cannot play any longer. Emma once scored 14 points and they took her out early.

I don't know how many points Emma scored but she did well and I was very impressed with her rebounding.

When Emma came over, her face was red as a beet. She got that from George Rodney. He would get very red with exercise. Anne and Beth both do this, too, but the boys don't.

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