Saturday, February 17, 2007

Winston Churchill, a war correspondent in south Africa during the Boer, said that the most exhilarating experience possible is being shot at and not hit.

We feel that way. Beth's cyst was benign and she kept one ovary.

Benign, benign, benign. The most wonderful word in the world.

I saw Beth Christmas. She had a little bulge on her stomach. I was shocked when I got here and saw her. I have seen full term pregnancies not that big.

thursday morning they preped her for surgery and brought in one more paper for her to sign. A form giving permission for them to put in a tube for chemotherapy if needed. It was getting scarier and scarier.

Her boy friend Steve and I waited. After about two hours I saw her doctor Dr. Rodriquez come into the room and I knew it was okay because that was not long enough for them to do all that extra work if it were malignant.

We went into a little room and she told me that everthing went well. The cyst was benign. They biopsed the other ovary and it too was benign so it was saved.

She also said that the cyst weighed...........10 and a half pounds.

I was so happy. Back in the waiting room I wanted everyone else there to get news as good as mine.

This is Saturday night. She is doing good and will come home tomorrow.

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