Sunday, February 04, 2007

Review of Super Bowl (or is it Superbowl?)

I think the pre-superbowl show started last week but I only started watching about an hour beforehand.

I was puzzled by the pre-game show. It was supposed to be presented by Cirque du Soleil. I have never seen one of their shows but I have wanted to because they are supposed to be amazing. This show in Miami was not amazing. I did not understand the point of it. Maybe it was modern art. Gloria Esteban introduced it but I don't know the why of that either.

Billy Joel did a good job of the national anthem. Thank goodness he sang it in the tune it was written.

When the game started and Chicago ran that kickoff back, it reminded me of the college national championship game where Ohio State did the same thing and went on to lose. The superbowl was the same. It was deja vu.

The best part of the game was the rain. I was so glad it rained and I love when the camera got wet. I think these overpaid athletes should always have to play in the cold, sleet, snow, rain, and mud. In Miami I have to settle for just rain.

I think I watched the halftime show. I am not a fan of these. I remember one year James and Julia were here and I called June. Harry said that the front of Janet Jackson's dress had fallen off. I was too smart to fall for that. I knew that it was one of Harry's jokes. Julia, James, and I discussed it and they agreed with me.

So Indianapolis won and both HSN and QVC were selling Colts shirts with champion on it.

I think the first pre-season game is in 3 months.

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