Saturday, September 23, 2006

We won tonight. Great!

To tell the truth I am more glad for my friends and relatives than I am for myself. I have noticed that they have grown silent, football is not mentioned to me, and they look at me with sad eyes.

Sure, it was only UAB but it was a win. A win is a win.

I listened to the whole game on my computer. Anne and Beth gave me a subscription to Maroon to the Max last Christmas. It allows me to listen to all the broadcast MSU games. I have certainly gotten their money's worth just listening to baseball games last spring.

The UAB game did not start out well. Our offense was running but twice when we got deep into UAB territory we fumbled the ball and they recovered. Jack Crystal was talking very slowly.

The score was tied at the end of the game and we went into overtime. State won the toss and elected to go second. UAB threw an interception during their time on offense. State scored a touchdown.

Jay had been urging me to meet him in Birmingham for this game. I resisted. Maybe it was a mistake not to go because it would have been a great game to watch. Better than any of our other three games, and better than the Georgia Tech-Virginia game he went to on Thursday night.

So it was a win. Now you people can relax around me.

Note: I know I have a triple post below. At first it would not publish what I had written. I kept trying and finally it published all my tries. I will attempt sometime to erase the duplicates.

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