Sunday, August 20, 2006

Julia and Frankie picked up Adrienne at the Nashville airport on Thursday. She was here at my house on Friday and we were talking about Mississippi State. She had never been to State so I just said Why don't we go tomorrow? She said she would love it.

Julia had been to Nashville on Thursday and has to go back today to move Adrienne in at Vanderbilt for the new term so she decided she was not up to the trip.

I picked Adrienne up at 9 and we left. First stop was Saltillo, Mississippi, where we first went to the cemetery and I showed her the grave of her great-great-great grandfather Robert Anderson Webb, the Confederate soldier who made it to Appamatox. She was amazed at the name of one of her relatives there, Lucius Quintus Cassius Webb.

Then we went by front street to see old Robert A's house. It is for sale.

Then out to the country to see Dan Webb's house which I call Tara. It is a beautiful huge house on a lake. I think it is funny because the first time I saw it we had gone out there expecting to see the log cabin where my great uncle Taylor and great aunt Mag had lived. The contrast was great.

We stopped at the mall at Barnes Crossing in Tupelo where I suffered a great disappointment. McRae's is no more. It is now a Belk. First, Goldsmith's becomes Macy's and now this. I consider this a trajedy, this homogenization of the US.

We were soon down to Starkville where we drove over campus. There is a new visitors' center but we did not go there because I forgot about it. She loved the cafeteria as I have always loved it. It reminds me of a medieval banqueting hall.

In Starkville we drove by the little place where George Rodney and I lived when we first got married and the larger place where we raised our children. We also toured the Cotton District and saw Dan Camp's house.

Then we went to the Lodge. She bought a Mississippi State tee shirt for $6. I bought Emma a cheerleader costume to wear to the games this fall. Also I bought a 4 foot tall lawn ornament, a Mississippi State player with white and maroon Christmas lights on it. I loved it and at $63 I was splurging. But when I paid for it I found it was 75% off so I got it for only $16!

Back on the road back to Tennessee I remembered Elvis Presley's birthplace in Tupelo. Adrienne was game again so we went there.

In the house itself we spent a long time talking to a widow named Billie. Her late husband had also been named Billy so they were HeBilly and SheBillie. We enjoyed our chat.

I enjoyed Adrienne. Her interest and enthusiasm for the everything added to my enjoyment. We talked all the way down and back. She is herself a knowledgeable and interesting person.

Adrienne is a great travel companion just as is her grandmother and uncle. Now I need to go somewhere with her mother Sonja. That would probably be great fun, too.

Saturday was practically a perfect day. As Laura Ingalls said, I will put that in my memory book.

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