Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday was an exciting day for the Ruckers. Daddy was picking up a new car.

His company requires him to get a new company car when the old one has 55,000 miles on it as his old one does. They were also trading in Anne's old car and buying the old company car for Anne.

They had previously picked out an Odyssey. I don't remember what brand that is, maybe a Honda. It has a lot of new features from the old one. Adam had quizzed the car salesman about the TV system and made sure that yes, he could plug his Play Station in and use it in the car. Unfortunately for Adam, that Play Station exists only in his dreams.

Anne, Beth, and I were going shopping, and Ken and the kids were going to pick up the car. They called from the dealership to say that Anne needed to sign some papers so we went over there. We found the kids in the new parked car, with the air conditioner on, watching a Finding Nemo on the TV. They showed us the numerous new cup holders.

Beth and I looked at some of the cars on the lot. She pointed out the ones that were good for carrying surf boards on top just in case I felt sometime that I needed to buy her a new car.

We shopped at Joanne's and I ordered some fabric for my kitchen curtains. Also we went to Target.

Later that afternoon I took a nap. When I woke up I heard the kids downstairs and then doors closing. I thought everyone was probably going outside to watch them bike ride. I went outside only to find that the car was gone.

I figured they had gone to eat supper so I went back inside and watched TV. At 8 o'clock I decided they had gone to the movies. I was hungry so I left and went to Publix supermarket to get something to eat. Also to pick up some recipes that Anne had raved about.

Actually they had gone to the pool which closes at 8, so I had barely missed them on both ends of their excursion.

I just thought I'd make it easier for you in case you get the urge to buy me a car. I was only thinking about your best interests! :) haha! I love you!!!
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