Thursday, July 27, 2006

My niece Sonja, her husband Fred, and her two daughters Adrienne and Calista came and stayed a week.

I had never had anyone stay so long so I was a little worried but I will tell you now that it works out just fine as long as it is Sonja's family.

Or maybe the reason was not Sonja but me. I was a lousy hostess. I did not cook big meals for them three times a day as a good southern hostess should. I acted as I usually do and spent most of my time in my bedroom, very anti-social.

No matter what I had a good time. It was nice to have some life around this old house.

Calista will be eight in a couple of days. We had an early birthday cake for her. She is a sweet little girl, very smart. She and I cooked cookies and made fruit pies. The pies were delicious.

Adrienne will be a senior at Vanderbilt this fall. Maybe because of the difference in their ages, Adrienne and Calista adore each other. It is a sweet thing to see.

While here, Fred read three books of mine, The History of Pi, Istant Physics, and Right Turns by Michael Medved.

Fred is interested in motorcycles. He has a new Italian made one. My family has gone motorcycle crazy. Janice and Keith just got a Gold Wing and John has a Harley-Davidson. I have not had any desire to ride a motorcycle since Rayburn scared me to death when I rode behind him back in 1973.

Or maybe the week went so well because they and Julia brought their own food and I got to help eat it. The more I think about it the more I realize I would not want to visit someone under these same conditions.

Sonja, Fred, and Calista went to Friendship Church. Everyone was very glad to see them and made a fuss over them. Fred said he had never felt so welcome in a church.

On Monday the four of them went off to Shiloh. I have a CD of the battle route that I loaned to them. The three older ones enjoyed the day but Calista was bored.

On Tuesday they left for Nashville. I enjoyed about five minutes of relief before I wished they were back.

They met Anne , Ken, and children at Opry Mills. Calista had wanted to see "the cousins" as she calls them. Everyone seems to have had a very good time.

Now they are back in California, so far away but I still feel close to them.

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